les joynes



Les Joynes is an American artist living and working in New York. He is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, London (B.A. Hons Fine Art, 1996); Goldsmiths, University of London (M.A. Fine Art, 1997); Musashino Art University (Masters in Fine Art, 2001); and Leeds Metropolitan University, UK (PhD, 2012). He was Japan Ministry of Education and Culture Scholar in Tokyo; Visiting Scholar in Art and Philosophy at Columbia University; CEC ArtsLink Grantee and Fulbright-Hays awardee. He serves on the College Arts Association International Committee and the Editorial Committee for ProjectAnywhere, University of Newcastle, Australia, a peer-reviewed arts research project exploring the outer limits of art and site specificity. He recently presented his work at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge University and convened a PhD Fine Art master-class at Chelsea College of Art, London. He is Fellow at the University of the Arts London Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation (TrAIN).

Private collections in the USA, Europe and Japan.

2012-2014 New York Foundation for the Arts Fiscal Sponsorship Program/ Artspire, New York (Sponsored Artist)
2012 Brazilian Ministry of Culture – exhibition of The Form Laboratory- Brazilian Museum of Sculpture.
2012 Seoul Foundation for Art & Culture – for Exhibition of The Form Laboratory-Seoul
2010 Harlem Arts Alliance, New York
2009 Edwin Austin Abbey Mural Fellow, National Academy Museum School of Art & Design, New York
2009 Artist Fellow, Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau, Germany
2009 Bauhaus Kolleg, Kulturministerium des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt Magdeburg, Germany
2008 NKD-Fellow, Nordisk Kunstnarsenter, Dalsasen – Norway, Cultural Ministry of Norway
2007 Toosneger Foundation, Dordrecht, Netherlands
2006 Artist Fellow, Nagasawa Artist Park – Awajishima, Japan
2001 Postgraduate Selection for Sculpture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo
1997-2001 MEXT Scholar, Japan (Japanese Ministry of Education and Culture), Japan
1995 King Sturge Prize, London
1995 Erasmus Scholarship, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris
1993 Commendation, Central Saint Martins College of Art, London
1993 – 1994 Inner Spaces, artist-in-residence Skoki/Poznan, Poland

2012 The Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (Museu Brasileiro de Escultura), São Paulo – Brazil (solo)
2011 Gallery 532 Thomas Jaeckel, New York (solo)
2012 Fenberger Museum, 2012, Nagano, Japan, curated by Roger McDonald
2010 University of Minnesota, Katherine Nash Gallery – curated by Clarence Morgan
2010 The Form Laboratory, Tokyo (September)
2010 The Form Laboratory, Treignac Projet, Limousin, France (solo)
2010 Museu Brasileiro de Escultura, São Paulo – Brazil, curated by Angela Ferrera
2010 Museum of Modern Art, Wales
2010 Exit 11, curated by Luc Fierens and Benoit Piret, Grand-Leez, Belgium
2010 San Diego State University, curated by Bibiana Padilla Maltos
2010 Queens Museum of Art, Partnership Gallery, New York
2010 Museum of Modern Art, Wales, United Kingdom
2009 The Form Laboratory, Chashama, New York (Collaborative project with Tom Bogaert) (solo)
2009 Ghost Trace, Form as event performances, Queenstown, Singapore (solo)
2009 Die Seits der Alpen: Hunger -Jenseits der Alpen: Durst, Pankow, Berlin Curated by Klaus Winichner
2008 Agency of Method, Akademie der Künste and Niemeier Building, Berlin
2008 Human Trace in InterBau – performance
2008 Amotgaard, “Les Joynes: Parallel Universes”, Bygstad, Norway (solo)
2008 Michael Steinberg Fine Art, “Les Joynes: Middleworlds”, New York (solo)
2007 New General Catalog, “The Guy Debord Show”, Brooklyn. Curated by Dan Levenson
2007 Peer Gallery, New York, Locations of Elsewhere, New York
2007 Sandra Bürgel Gallery, Berlin “Unsere Affekte fliegen aus dem Bereich der menschlichen Wirklichkeitheraus” Curated by Klaus Winichner
2006 South La Brea Gallery, Los Angeles, curated by Kavin Buck
2006 Romo Gallery, Atlanta
2006 CBGB Gallery, New York
2005 CTS Gallery, Photo NY, New York
2005 111 Front Street, New York, Dark Nature
2005 Natural Displacement at Mizuma Gallery/ Art Fair Tokyo
2005 Romo Gallery, Atlanta, Working Artists in Brooklyn
2005 Space Gallery, London, Les Joynes: Strange Birds and Other Curious Manifestations
2005 Spike Gallery, New York, New ’05
2005 Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo, Since 1994
2004 Triangle/Space, London, Reality Asylum
2003 Bergstübl Projekte Mitte, Berlin, Bang-Bang Berlin. Curated by Cornelia Brintzinger
2003 Gallery Pugh Pugh, Berlin, Pugh Pugh Anniversary Exhibition
2003 Albert Schweitzer spielt Johann Sebastian Bach, Berlin. Curated by Klaus Winichner
2003 Mars Gallery, Tokyo, Mars Gallery Artists
2002 Tactical Museum/ AIT, Tokyo, The Moving Exhibition. Curated by Roger McDonald
2002 Maejima Art Center, Okinawa. Curated by Roger McDonald
2001 Mizuma Gallery, Tokyo, Table Manners. Curated by Roger McDonald
2001 The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Highchair, (videoworks). Curated by Emil Goh
2001 Gallery 4a, Sydney. Curated by Emil Goh
2001 The Art Center, Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea.
2000 Nylon Gallery, London, The Raft. Curated by Klega
2000 Asahi Gallery, Tokyo, Asahi Contemporary Art 2000
2000 YongDu International Art Festival, Pusan, Korea, Strange Flowers
1999 Japan Cultural Center | Goethe Institut | Alliance Francaise
1999 Bangkok Experimental Film and Video. Curated by Project 304-Bangkok
1999 Tatsumi Orimoto, Kawasaki, The Tatami Exhibition
1999 P-House Gallery, Tokyo, Networking/ British Council UK ’98 -Tokyo
1998 Casa Gallery, Tokyo, Contemporary Ranting (solo)
1997 Espace 21, Matsuyama, Japan, All Mod Cons (solo)
1997 Milch Gallery, London, The Toolroom Salon
1997 Barbican Concourse Gallery, London, Fatman
1997 Galerie Gauche, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris (solo)

2012 Kim, Hee-young “An Archaeology of Time: Les Joynes’ at Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul, Korea
“Form Laboratory – Les Joynes – a Museu Brasileiro da Escultura” Guia da semana – Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Les Joynes, artista plástico americano, inaugurará a exposição Form Laboratory” (American visual artist inaugurates Form Laboratory), Société Perrier, 31 July 2012,
“Les Joynes no Mube“ Guia UOL – Sao Paulo
“O Museu Brasileiro da Escultura -MuBE recebe até o dia 27 de agosto o projeto Form Laboratory, do escultor californiano Les Joynes” Cidade de Sao Paulo, 9 August 2012
“Les Joynes traz representações de cidades para o MuBE” (Les Joynes re-represents the City of Sao Paulo at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture), Zirrah, July, 24, 2012
“Les Joynes / Form Laboratory – totens criados pela dupla. Les Joynes/ Form Laboratory. Museu Brasileiro da Escultura. (Creating totems in shared spaces) Usina de Alegria Planetaria 5 August 2012
“Exposição transforma Mube em laboratório criativo sobre São Paulo” (The exhibition transforms the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in São Paulo into a creative lab), Epoca (magazine) Sao Paulo, 31 July 2012
“Artista americano traz ao MuBE obras que retratam São Paulo” (American artist brings to the the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture works depicting Saint Paulo). Colunistas Vivi Mascaro – 24 July 2012
“O MuBE torna-se sede para representações de diversas cidades do mundo, a partir desta quinta-feira na mostra Form Laboratory. (The Brazilian Museum of Sculpture becomes headquarters to representations of various cities around the world, from this Thursday at the show Form Laboratory), MYSP, July 2012
Les Joynes at Brazilian Museum of Sculpture) Taste-Brazil, Cesar Giobbi, August 2012
“Form Laboratory é uma série de exposições que roda diferentes cidades, passando por museus e centros de arte, que explora culturas localizadas” (Form Laboratory is a series of exhibitions which runs different cities through museums and art centres, which explores localized cultures). Sampa – Brazil, August, 2012
Artslant, August, 2012
“Form Laboratory ganha primeira versão no Brasil” (Form Laboratory in its first iteration in Brazil). Bagarai Entretenimento › Cultura e Arte. 24 July 2012
“Exposição Form Laboratory – Les Joynes” (Television Interview with Les Joynes) Agenda TV, Brazil.
“Form Laboratory transforma objetos em esculturas: O artista californiano Les Joynes, idealizador do projeto Form Laboratory” (Form Laboratory transforms objects into sculptures: the Californian artist Les Joynes, creator of the project Form Laboratory) CGS (Magazine) Sao Paulo, Brazil, August, 7, 2012
“Form Laboratory: Projeto itinerante chega a São Paulo: O mar de objetos descartados como lixo nas cidades se transforma em arte nas mãos do artista norte-americano Les Joynes” (Nomadic project comes to Sao Paulo: the sea of discarded objects in the cities turns into art in the hands of the American artist Les Joynes) Colhera da Culture, (Magazine) 31 July 2012
“Mostra Form Laboratory ganha primeira versão no País” (Form Laboratory exhibition to exhibit in the country for the first time) BateCabeça . 24 jul. 2012 – Para Les Joynes, a capital paulista
“Documentário Les Joynes” (Television interview) Portal do Curta (portaldocurta.com/) por Thiago Lúcio Quem. August, 2012
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professional experience and teaching
2011 Lecturing to BA Fine Arts and MA Fine Arts, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK
2009 Lecturing to BA Fine Arts and MA Fine Arts, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK
2009 Artist Grant Selection Panel, Harlem Arts Alliance, New York
Artist Moderator, Cue Art Foundation, New York
2009 Visiting Artist Lecture
University of California, Santa Barbara
2009 Artist Mentor, College Arts Association Conference, Los Angeles
2009 Lead Artist and Choreographer, GhostTrace, Singapore – Bauhaus Foundation and Lasalle School of the Arts
2009 Visiting Artist Lecture to BFA photography, La Salle College of Art, Singapore
2009 Visiting Artist Lecture to BFA dance, Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore
2008 Director/ choreographer, Ghost Trace, Berlin
as part of Cities of Tomorrow: Bauhaus Foundation, Dessau
2008 Artist Moderator, Art of Public Speaking, Cue Art Foundation, New York
2007 Visiting Artist Lecture, Pictura Gallery, Dordrecht, Netherlands
2000 Visiting Artist Lecture, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles
Current trends and developments in contemporary fine art in Japan
1999 – 2001 BFA and MFA critiques
Musashino Art University, Department of Sculpture
1999 Guest Panelist, Japan Foundation, Bangkok
Bangkok Film and Video Biennial” with the Japan Foundation and Alliance Francis
1998 British Council and P-House Gallery, Tokyo
Networking, Curated by Les Joynes, Klega and Konstakuten, Stockholm
Exhibition of 200 artists and their drawings.

2009 Trace, Soanyway, Leeds, UK
2008 Launched Artists Talk, Nordic Artists Centre, Dale, Norway
Cultural Ministry of Norway Fund
2000 Flash Art, Milan “Japanese contemporary art: Yuichi Higashionna”
1999 Art in America, Review of work of Yoshitomo Nara at Ginza Art Space, Tokyo
1999 Springerin, Vienna, Review of work of David Thorpe and Brian Griffiths

“Positions of form and the formless in contemporary art production” Leeds Metropolitan University, 2012.
“Uncanny in contemporary art: Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, and filmmaker David Lynch”
Goldsmiths College, Written Thesis, University of London, 1997
“Evocation of the abject in contemporary art”
Central Saint Martins College of Art, Written Thesis, London 1996