Sky Kim

Each One All

February 28 – March 30, 2019

In Each One All, Thomas Jaeckel gallery showcases breathtakingly intricate and powerful watercolors by Korean artist Sky Kim that challenge traditional assumptions about what can be achieved in the medium. Gravid with a sense of calm but profound mystery, the forms in this exhibition have have the quiet presence and gentle self-assertion of a flower in bloom or a luminous star field in a clear desert sky. Their complex weave of undulating strands and vortexes consisting of tiny pearlescent spheres, soft teardrop-shaped organelles, and sinuous looping tendrils evokes the ever-present beauties of nature while retaining a mildly eerie alienness that animates them with a mildly otherworldly aura.

We are pleased to represent Sky Kim. Kim is a Korean-born artist living and working in the New York City area. She has an M.F.A in Painting from Pratt Institute, and is a recipient of the National Museum of Contemporary Art’s National Korean Art Competition Awards and a Pratt Institute Art Grant. Her works have been exhibited in major venues around the world, and are in many private collections. She has lectured as guest artist at universities, including University of Nevada, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and St. Joseph’s University.


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