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Electric Coffin is a collaboration between Duffy De Armas and Stefan Hofmann exploring the intersection of art and commerce. They are fueled by a number of sources. Both material and ephemeral, these sources encompass knowledge, culture, and the physical remains of industry, mass production, communication, and commerce. They represent the highs and lows of human achievement–the sacred and the profane. They together create the combustible admixture that manifest into large-scale projects, installations, and objects.


2019 – Treason Gallery, Art Central

●  Hong Kong
●  Electric Coffin was the solo artist featured in Treason Gallery’s Art Central Booth, the sister show to Art Basel Hong Kong. The collection, “Dark Matter,” featured works of crochet, bronze, holographic acrylic, and back-painted glass.


2018 – Winston Wachter Gallery
●  Seattle, WA
●  Participating as one fourth of the Gallery’s summer group show, “Summer Dreams,” Electric Coffin created a wide variety of fine art pieces using several disciplines including back-painted glass, CNC’d holographic acrylic, carved wood, bronze casted sculptures, carved Indonesian stone, and flocked sculptures.


2018 – Bellevue Arts Museum
●  Bellevue, WA
●  Throughout the course of seven months, Electric Coffin developed a multi- phase exhibition exploring what constitutes the future. The installation consisted of five distinct phases, all of which signal a stage of development in the unfolding of Future Machine. Collaborators contributed their own unique components to each phase, a metaphor for the way unconventional collaborations work together to drive us forward.



2019 – Dell
●  Las Vegas, NV
●  For Dell Technologies World conference we transformed their “Cloud City” with an interactive, multisensory art experience. The piece used light and sound in an infinity chamber to represent how the company brings serenity into the otherwise chaotic world of navigating digital cloud landscapes.

2018 – Seattle Design Fair
●  Seattle, WA
●  An eccentric collector of objects approached us with over one hundred 6’ fan blades from a decommissioned nuclear facility. As an exploration of the material, we partnered with the collector, an architect, and contractor to build a reflective sculpture that encouraged personal and societal reflection. The public work debuted in Seattle’s Occidental Square Park for Seattle Design Fair and was asked to live beyond the event for an extended duration in its park location.

2018 – Unilever x Savers

●  New York, NY
●  To highlight the quantities of waste created by stained clothing, we built a nearly 30’ tall dress out of recycled clothing for New York Fashion Week at the World Trade Center Oculus. The installation was built overnight for the pop-up display lasting forty-eight hours.


2018 – Zillow Group
●  Seattle, WA
●  Working in tandem with the project architect, we designed the overall design palette and layout of complete floors being remodeled. Within the most recent floor, we executed various art pieces including various murals, a 50 foot 3-sided painting, and 40 hand-carved wooden objects for a knolled wall display.


2018 – Dynasty Room
●  Seattle, WA
●  We were approached by a local businessman to build out an entire restaurant and lounge space in Seattle’s Chinatown neighborhood for temporary use prior to the property’s redevelopment. With the two-year timeline in mind, the dining experience evolved into a fully immersive cultural experience. We created custom wallpapers, hanging art pieces, a 15-foot cardboard wolf sculpture, and a fully-stocked gift shop.


2017 – IDS West
●  Vancouver, BC
●  Commissioned to create the main entry feature for the West Coast’s largest interior design show, we designed and engineered a transportive tree form made completely from cardboard. Visitors entered through a man-made house form that gradually expanded to a natural tree shape. The piece highlighted the theme of exploration through natural and created materials. The piece became a feature experienced by all visitors of the show: nearly 40,000 guests.


2017 – Facebook
●  Seattle, WA
●  We were commissioned to build the entranceway piece for Facebook’s Seattle Headquarters. To create the piece, we created a statement, recorded that statement, and converted it into a sound wave built into a three dimensional piece. Each decibel is depicted by a vertical totem. We then coated the piece in flock to unify the visual language.


2017 – Amazon
●  Seattle, WA
●  The classic cardboard box is synonymous with Amazon, it is the handshake of the brand waiting on your doorstep. Our goal was to elevate this box to not only represent the systems of efficiency Amazon has achieved, but create a beautiful, brand-centric art piece. By meticulously crafting boxes from PNW cedar and branding them, it elevated the simplest cardboard shipping vessel onto a pedestal.


2017 – T-Mobile
●  Bellevue, WA
●  T-Mobile came to us, in partnership with their architect, to design their new technology
and innovation space. Art pieces were created to highlight the forward-thinking company and serve as a showroom of the future. We used art as a filter to create components such as signage, company timelines, a digital recognition wall and more.


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